The Bare Facts About Why We Love Going Nude


WE’VE LONG believed that Australians are the most outgoing and adventurous of people.

Now a new survey has revealed that when it comes to trying nude sunbathing, we leave other countries in the shade.

Conducted by swimwear experts Pour Moi, the study analysed Google search data to reveal where in the world is searching for nude sunbathing the most.

The results saw Australia topping the list as the country with the keenest nude sunbathers, followed by New Zealand in second and The Netherlands in third.

Haulover Beach Park in Florida was crowned as the best beach for naked sunbathing in the world. Praia de Tambaba in Brazil followed up in second place and rounding out the top three was Greece’s Red Beach on the island of Santorini.

The top five was completed by Patara Beach in Turkey and Playa de los Muertos in Spain.

Nude beaches can often provide the opportunity for some much-needed peace and privacy compared to potentially crowded mainstream sites.

The top countries keenest to get their kit off at the beach:

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Canada
  5. Ireland
  6. United States
  7. Spain
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Lithuania
  10. Iceland


AUSSIE ATTRACTIONS and activities have ranked highly on a new list of the best things to do around the world right now.

Tripadvisor has just announced the next of its 2023 Travellers’ Choice Awards, based on 12 months of review data from travellers worldwide.

The awards feature 11 sub-categories, from ‘Top Overall Experiences’ and ‘Top Attractions’ to ‘Bucket List Experiences’ and ‘Nature & Outdoor Activities’.

Sydney Opera House has been crowned the number one attraction in the South Pacific for 2023, with Sydney Harbour at number three and Sydney Harbour Bridge at number five.

Three Aussie water-based experiences have made a splash on world lists this year, coming in at number six for Snorkelling & Water Sports, number nine for Sailing & Day Cruises and number 12 for Family-Friendly Experiences.

Three Aussie wine tours have been named among the ‘Top 25 Wine Experiences in the World’ this year, ranking number 18 (Barossa Valley), number 20 (Margaret River) and number 25 (Hunter Valley).

“Experiences turn travellers into adventurers, connecting them with the local community and giving them unforgettable stories for years to come,” said Kate Urquhart, General Manager, Experiences at Tripadvisor.

The number one experience on the planet for 2023 is a full day tour of the Hawaiian island of Oahu while the top attraction is the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


NEW RESEARCH has revealed the countries where Aussies will get more bang for their holiday buck.

Here Jarrod Kris, Travel Expert at Skyscanner, shares his top picks to travel this winter where the Aussie dollar will stretch further. 


“Take advantage of the current strength the Aussie dollar has over the Indian rupee and visit the heart of Bollywood cinema, Mumbai. Gaze upon the Gateway of India stone arch or explore the ancient cave temples on Elephanta Island, temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.


Aussies have an affinity for Japan so it comes as good news that the dollar is doing well there. Japan has been a destination for avid snow chasers for some time now, but in the summer Japan has just as much to offer.

There is so much to explore this Japanese summer such as the Hoshitoge rice terraces or the beautiful beaches of Okinawa. Japan could be the ideal spot for the avid explorer.


With the Aussie dollar performing well in Argentina, now might be the time to consider exploring the lesser visited. For those who have always dreamt of a South American escape, Argentina truly can show you more bang for your buck.

On the top of many travellers list to South America, Argentina is famous for its natural landscapes in Patagonia and its vibrant city life in Buenos Aires. Exploring the gem of South America will also promise you a culinary experience any foodie would die for.”


AN AUSTRALIAN tour operator has been named as one of the top influential companies in the world.

Intrepid Travel has been included in the prestigious TIME100 list for its work towards advancing a more sustainable travel industry.

Intrepid is the only tour operator and experience provider on this year’s list and has been recognised alongside other notable innovators and leaders in business including Disney, Apple and Patagonia.

“This honour is a testament to the power of travel; not only does exploring the world provide thought-provoking, incredible, fun experiences – it also has the power to transform our world and create more resilient communities,” said James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel.

To assemble the list, TIME solicited nominations from its global network of contributors and correspondents as well as from outside experts.

Then the news magazine’s editors evaluated each on key factors, including impact, innovation, ambition and success. The result is a diverse group of 100 businesses helping chart an essential path forward.

“This proves that our style of locally led small-group adventures is no longer a ‘niche’. Our way of traveling is actually helping to shape the future of travel,” added Mr Thornton.

“As an industry, we can support more responsible travel habits and make a substantial difference by using our collective power, influence and voice to help make the world a better place.”


IT APPEARS the world is beginning to see Australia in a different light when it comes to tourism experiences.

Cultural tourism now contributes more than $28 billion dollars to the nation’s economy. More visitors, particularly from Asia, are coming to learn, discover and immerse themselves in Australia’s authentic attractions.

According to Agoda’s 2023 Travel Goals Survey, Australia’s top visitors are from Japan and Singapore, who rank cultural experiences as their number one priority.

“We are witnessing a wave of travellers coming to Australia fascinated by our First Nations culture, contemporary art and the burgeoning Aussie food scene,” said Zsuzsanna Janos, Agoda’s Oceania Director.

“Australia has so much more to offer beyond just sun and sand. Visitors coming to Australia are seeking cultural experiences that connect them at a deeper level with what makes the country special.”

From traditional Aboriginal art to contemporary works, Australia’s rich tapestry of visual arts promises visitors cultural heritage and modern identity experiences.

From traditional communities, tours, to the discovery of “bush foods”, visitors to Australia are increasingly connecting with indigenous art and practises.

Australia has also gained international recognition among Asian inbound tourists for its thriving cafe culture.

“We are witnessing international travellers bundling cultural experiences with their flight and accommodation bookings as they seek ways to create their own unique journeys.”