Much More To Marvel At

TRAVELMARVEL HAS released its Australian holidays for 2024, with more travel styles offered than ever before.

Kimberley Is A Welcome Addition

THERE’S A new offering in Travemarvel’s product range for 2024 with Kimberley Coastal Cruising joining the brand’s portfolio for the first time.

Soar, Cruise and Stay

IF YOU’RE looking for something beyond memorable, the natural phenomenon of Horizontal Falls is it.

Five Big Things For Your Bucket List

From prehistoric creatures to swathes of red dirt, Australia really is home to some big attractions. Here are five must-see items for your bucket list, plus a fresh look at one of our greatest driving routes.

Become a daydream believer

Hidden in the heart of the Whitsunday Islands, Daydream Island Resort is more than just a holiday destination. This vibrant tropical paradise, once deemed a simple “flop and drop” spot, has metamorphosed into a sought-after retreat offering the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Australia debuts greatest show on red earth

Traveltalk was invited to the Red Centre for the debut of a world-first Australian cultural show five years in the making. The light, laser and projection show was just as magical as the surroundings.