6 Tips to Stop Your Luggage Going Awol

LAST YEAR 26 million luggage items were misplaced or lost on flights and in airports.
The experts at 1st Move International have provided 6 game-changing tips on how you can reduce the risk of lost luggage and what to do if the worst happens.

Bali Beach

Why Our Chris Is A Social Media Marvel

HE MAY be the ‘God of Thunder’ but it seems Aussie Chris Hemsworth also rules social media as well.
The movie superstar is the most influential Australian on Instagram, with 58.5 million followers, and could earn more than $1m per sponsored post.

Why We’ll Live Our Best Life In 2024

AUSSIES ARE eager to explore new destinations and embrace their best selves in 2024.
Looking for ways to bring their travel selves back home, 68 per cent of us want to be more like our holiday self in our day-to-day life.

All I Want For Christmas Is….?

We asked several members of the Australian travel industry how they will be spending the festive season and their hopes for the future as we head into 2024.

Why We Love The Kiwis

IT WOULD seem our love for our Kiwi cousins shows no signs of abating with three New Zealand destinations featured on a list of travel hot spots.

Tips, Hacks & Hot Spots For 2024

Are you a budget bougie foodie, a gig tripper or a sleep seeker? Skyscanner has revealed its travel trends and top destinations for next year as well as tips and hacks for Aussies jet-setting overseas.