WIN a large Clifton suitcase from Antler.

Antler designs and manufactures quality stylish luggage and travel goods for those who travel often with a new-world vision to shape the next generation of travellers.

The Clifton case is everything you could possibly want from a suitcase—each feature is designed to last longer and function better than ever before. With a design that packs a punch, this polycarbonate suitcase is strong, light on its feet and wheels like a dream.

Every suitcase is hand-finished with meticulous care. Clifton is colour-fast, so any inevitable scratches will stay true to the colour of the shell. Beautifully packaged, our Clifton case comes with a dust bag, and the cabin and medium sizes nest inside the large for easy storage.

  • Innovative, twist-grip handle
  • Expander zip
  • Weight 5.0kg
  • Packing capacity 121L
  • Expanded capacity 132L
  • Dimensions 81 x 51 x 35cm (includes wheels)
  • TSA combination lock
  • Lifetime warranty

100 Years of Legacy

With a mission to ‘let our legacy enable yours’, Antler remains faithful to its core values and understands the demands of new-world travel and the need to become part of a journey and the experience. Not merely ‘just a product’. Well crafted, quality and achievable price points remain at the heart of the brand but achieve a fresh perspective. Forward-thinking designs capture style, creativity, and boldness, thus bridging the gap between craft, heritage and technical innovation to put a stake in the ground as a travel brand with a difference.


Since 1914 Antler has designed and manufactured quality luggage.

From the cushion grip handle designed when suitcases were without wheels through to designing the first wheels added to cases, Antler focusses on purposeful changes and not just the gimmicks. The brand continues to constantly innovate as consumers’ needs change, working with them, for what matters.

These subtle innovations include:

  • Our Japanese designed wheels, designed to guarantee whisper-quite gliding. The wheels

    offer enhanced control and a muted tread, thanks to their Lisof tyre fabric, developed with


  • Our Stamford model features a robust lightweight polycarbonate shell consisting of a

    smooth, matt surface, making scratches less visible with a removable packing divider with a

    pocket sitting under compression packing straps to stop creasing. There is even a built-in USB port for the discerning traveller!

Product & Lifetime Warranty

Antler’s products are all designed at the company headquarters on London’s Southbank. Antler is a design-led business with a cemented reputation for outstanding quality and attention to detail. Today, Antler offers a full range of products from the address tag, premium water bottles and backpacks, through to matching luggage sets designed with customers’ prized possessions firmly front of mind.

Antler’s product warranty has now been increased from 10 years to a lifetime, further establishing the brand as a reliable lifestyle choice that stands the test of time without compromise on quality. Born in Bury Lancashire in 1914, all products are manufactured with leading experts globally including Europe, Indonesia and China – all leading suppliers in travel goods.


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