FOR MORE than four decades, Traveltalk has been a respected and highly valued voice of the Australian travel industry.

We’ve been there through the good times (and the bad times), bringing you the very latest travel news and industry-leading interviews, stories and features.

But one of the reasons we’ve become Australia’s favourite travel news magazine is that we never rest on our laurels. You only have to look at our ground-breaking moving covers to see that…

We also know that how you get your news has changed. Mobile phones and the internet have changed the playing field forever. That’s why from today we’re changing too. 

Here is the brand new Traveltalk – a fully digitalised magazine that will inspire, inform and interest like never before. Same must-read content, new and exciting format. Bigger stories, bigger pictures, bigger impact. 

So, if you still want to know what’s really happening in travel, then Traveltalk is your bucket list destination.

Plus have a go at our new daily travel-themed word puzzle: Wordtalk!

Jon Underwood, Managing Editor


A tale of three cities

Authentic encounters with local people and cultures are the new black in travel. JON UNDERWOOD reports on three very different experiences to be found in Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa.

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Nicer in Newfoundland

You’re a visitor to Newfoundland only once, GAYA AVERY discovers on her first night there. On your return, you’ve no longer ‘come from away’, instead, you’re simply coming home.

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