Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

The Londoner hotel – slap bang in the middle of everything that’s happening in the city – is quintessentially upmarket British, with a dollop of luxurious eccentricity and a generous portion of comfort, style and functionality thrown in.

I’m so glad to be back in my favourite city in such historic times and in one of my all-time favourite hotels that always makes staying in London very special.

This is my second stay here and I can’t think of a better place to be when in the capital.

The king room is generous in size and with the automatic bottom washing toilet has everything you need including a Samsung extra smart TV. You can pretty much do anything with this TV as it’s totally interactive – shame it wouldn’t make my morning cuppa…

The view of Leicester Square reminds me that outside this sexy sanctuary with the sultry mood lighting and subtle colour palette there’s a mind-blowing West End world of entertainment right there.

In the room there is a Dyson hairdryer, so you never have a bad hair day. There’s also a clothes steamer and an espresso machine along with ample tea bags and delicious marmalade flavoured cookies restocked daily (The Queen would approve!).

A well-stocked mini bar, two snuggly dressing gowns to go with (I’m excited to say) the full bathtub, with the icing on the cake being the uber-comfy king size bed.

If there wasn’t so much going on right outside your door you would be tempted to lay-in and order room service breakfast.

Talking of breakfast, you don’t want to miss it in Whitcomb’s, the Londoner’s signature restaurant.

The creamiest scrambled eggs served with the sweetest cherry tomatoes and flavoursome mushrooms – and this is all on the buffet menu. There’s also a full a la carte menu with such delicacies as crab omelette, which I am saving till my next visit.

The standout feature of the breakfast must be the luscious strawberry and blackberry platter on the fruit buffet. They are to die for, along with the best almond croissants outside of Paris!

Dinner is equally triumphant and my first experience at Whitcomb’s did not disappoint.

My partner rather predictably always orders calamari and he informed me that the Whitcomb’s version was GOAT (Greatest Of All Time!)

Being mainly pescatarian I only ever order steak if I’m in a fancy restaurant and having spent the day pounding the London pavements in search of a good vantage point to see the Queen’s funeral procession, I felt the need for a juicy steak.

The rib-eye was just that – tender and tasty and served with twice baked chippies. However, the crispy skinned sea bass was on another level and for me was GOAT.

A special mention must go to Bryan our lovely waiter who assisted us with our wine and food choices (the Chablis was divine)

He also explained the delicious and unique butter made from roasted chicken skin that we started with on crusty bread. A standout Whitcomb’s speciality.

There is so much to see and do (and eat) right here in The Londoner, the world’s first super boutique five-star luxury hotel. I never even got round to the wellness centre.

Luckily there’s always a next time!