The Must-Do Experiences for 2024

TRAVEL ADVISORS from around the world have shared their top selections for the experiences that should be on every traveller’s list this year.

Festivals, Glamping And Craft Beer

Whether you are young or simply young at heart, here’s a guide to experiencing the ‘other side’ of Japan with activities to leave you feeling energised and enlightened.

I’m A Cruise Convert Says Tv Star

ONE OF Australia’s favourite TV personalities has shared her river cruise highlights for 2024.
Former Sunrise presenter Melissa Doyle has appeared in a series of new videos, a blog and social media content as part of her ambassador’s role with Avalon Waterways.

7 Savvy Tips for Solo Travellers

Justine Waddington founded Encounter Travel so that solo travellers had the same opportunities as couples and families, without limitations. Her travel company has since gone on to win numerous awards.

6 Tips to Stop Your Luggage Going Awol

LAST YEAR 26 million luggage items were misplaced or lost on flights and in airports.
The experts at 1st Move International have provided 6 game-changing tips on how you can reduce the risk of lost luggage and what to do if the worst happens.

World Famous Landmarks – But Not As You Know Them

THEY ARE the bucket list destinations that every traveller must visit. The Pantheon, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the Taj Mahal, to name but a few.
But what would these iconic landmarks look like if they had been recreated by famous artists?

Sell Your Way Way to See Tay Tay

HE WAS probably nagged into it by his daughters but G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip is offering agents the hottest concert tickets of the decade.