A tale of three cities

Authentic encounters with local people and cultures are the new black in travel. JON UNDERWOOD reports on three very different experiences to be found in Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa.

Reaching for the skies

The highest peak in Africa is not for the faint hearted. STEPH OVENDEN reports on her attempt to conquer ‘Kili’.

Welcome to a modern marvel

Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest super-ship will tick the boxes of even the most hesitant cruisers, writes JENNY ROWLAND.

Nicer in Newfoundland

You’re a visitor to Newfoundland only once, GAYA AVERY discovers on her first night there. On your return, you’ve no longer ‘come from away’, instead, you’re simply coming home.

Animal Magic Comes Out of Africa

Jon Underwood visits a game reserve where incredible experiences await around every corner and learn why a safari holiday might not be as expensive as you think.

A Moment in History

The eyes of the world were fixed on London recently for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Traveltalk publisher JENNY ROWLAND was in the city for this sad yet historic moment in history.

The Beasts of Borneo

Take a trip down the Kinbatangan River and if you’re lucky you’ll see Elephants, Hornbills, Probiscis Monkeys and maybe even a saltwater Croc!

My Top Six

Managing Editor JON UNDERWOOD selects some of his all-time favourite destinations.