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The Spice Is Right

Food is an important part of any travel experience. Here Chef and writer PETTY PANDEAN-ELLIOTT shares one of her favourite recipes from Indonesia.

Ola Catalonia

Home to bustling Barcelona and the popular Costa Brava, Traveltalk discovers that Catalonia has a lot more to offer.

Agents Get That Old Tahiti Tingle

IT’S BEEN a long time between cocktails but the main annual tourism event hosted by The Islands of Tahiti, Parau Parau Tahiti (PPT), has taken place for the first time since 2019.

Discovering Wakatobi Beyond the Beach

White-sand beaches flanked by palm trees and washed by cerulean waters. It’s standard fare for tropical island dreams. But sometimes, the beach is just the beginning, especially at Wakatobi.

Fortunate Five Get Their Brit On

FIVE AGENTS have just returned to Australia from a wide-ranging educational famil, part of a major promotion hosted by VisitBritain. More than 120 international travel trade buyers from 16 international markets got the opportunity to take part.