May was an incredibly busy and exciting time to be in the United Kingdom, full of pomp and pageantry across the country.
In less than a week, millions around the world watched as London hosted the first Royal Coronation in 70 years as King Charles III was formally crowned. A few days later, a very different kind of pageantry was on show as Liverpool hosted Eurovision for the first time in 25 years.
Both events, plus an annual calendar full of many more, are stimulating a roaring tourism trade to the UK as millions from around the world, including record numbers from Australia, are flocking to the Old Dart for their own British adventures.
On this episode of Talking Travel, we explore the booming popularity of the UK with VisitBritain Australia and New Zealand Country Manager, Maria Sykes, and discuss the best ways to move about the country with Rail Online CEO, James Dunne.
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Most people would agree that creating lifelong memories is the best part of travelling the world. The sights we see, the people we meet and the experiences we enjoy are imprinted in our psyche and soul to be joyfully shared countless times with friends and family.
As culpable as travel agents are in helping us to create these memories, they’re no strangers to their own unique experiences, which Flight Centre is now turning into a YouTube series called ‘This One Time’.
On this episode of Talking Travel, Jon and Matt talk to Flight Centre’s Global Head of Marketing, Clint Hearne, to learn about the series and its objectives as a marketing tool. Also in this episode, we hear a few hilarious tales from other Flight Centre agents, and share some of our own.
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For nearly 30 years, Better Homes and Gardens has become a staple of the weekly television schedule for millions of Australians, who tune in to discover ways to enrich their lifestyles in many different ways. 

One of these is through travel, with the show and its presenters taking viewers to every corner of the planet, showcasing amazing cities, towns, wildlife, gardens and experiences.
Joining Jon Underwood and Matt Lennon on this episode are two of the show’s presenters – host Johanna Griggs and ‘Garden Guru’ Graham Ross – to share just a taste of their incredible adventures around the world. We discuss their favourite places, personal travel highlights, embarrassing moments and even find out which countries they have yet to add to their extensive global adventures.

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Much like Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ documentary sparked the world into considering its environmental impact, The Last Tourist is a catalyst to make global travellers sit up and take notice of the effect they’re leaving on the world through travel.

Whether it’s the wildlife we seek, the natural environment we crave or the local communities that intrigue us, overtourism is causing irreparable damage to the world we explore. The Last Tourist aims to shine a light on what mass tourism is doing to the world and to encourage us to think carefully about the places we visit, the tours we book and the ways we travel.

Join Jon Underwood and Matt Lennon as we chat to The Last Tourist’s Executive Producer, Bruce Poon Tip and Director, Tyson Sadler, about their experience making the documentary and the change they’d like to inspire in the world’s tourists.


In the premiere episode of Talking Travel, hosts Jon Underwood and Matt Lennon speak to AFTA CEO Dean Long and Intrepid Travel GM of Sales and Partnerships, Yvette Thompson. Topics include the recovery of travel, AFTA’s upcoming ‘Women in Travel Summit’ and much more.